Ankle Tracker Beacon Specification

Ankle Tracker

Ankle tracker beacon is an excellent product we can enable the indoor tracking in the law enforcement solutions. To get more information please click the link Contact Us

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Beacon With Ankle Tracker

We design a beacon for the ankle tracker to allow the system can locate the target indoor it can precisely locate at the floor and room.

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ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,smart watch,gps tracker,beacon


The solution of indoor location, Traxbean Beacon, is deployed with Wifi extender or beacon, according to the layout, building type, wiring, and data security. TRB05, is the beacon enabled with Bluetooth 4.2 for indoor location. Bluetooth 4.2 is the communication protocol for devices broadcasting their data to server site. We could make the device TRB05 fixed in a position as the beacon device. The device has been installed with operational system inside, will keep broadcasting the device data, such as UUID/ Major/Minor/RSSI, aimlessly via channel 37/38/39.While broadcasting the device data, TRB05 will not connect to another terminal units. All the device data will be broadcasted according to certain rules.


The Bluetooth chip for TRB05 is Nordic nRF52832, and there are two batteries of ER14250 inside of TRB05. The battery life is up to how we set up the device, TRB05. There is one interface set up on PCB(Printed circuit board) for firmware loading, and one interface for UART(Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter).


The broadcasting range of TRB05 is up to 100 meters. More than that, silicone washer outside of the device enables it to IP67 waterproof.


ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,smart watch,gps tracker,indoor tracking


Battery Specification

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,smart watch,gps tracker,indoor tracking



(1)Low power consumption

(2)Small size, light weight, beautiful shape

(3)IP67 Waterproof

(4)Easy installation (magnetic absorption /3M adhesive installation)

(5)The broadcast range is up to 100 meters

(6)Compliance with RoHS (lead-free)

(7)FCC, CE< /p>


How to Install

Step 1, To attach 3M adhesive onto the magnet, press evenly the adhesive for 5-10 seconds, and make the adhesive and magnet attached tightly.

Step 2, To fix the magnet in the target place, and clean up the dust or oil stain in advance if there is any in the place. Press evenly the magnet for 5-10 seconds as well, and then unveil the grease-proof paper on the other side of the 3M adhesive.

Step 3, To press the round metal flake of TRB05 to prevent it from loosening because of the delivery.

Step 4, To attach the round metal flake onto the adhesive, and press it evenly for 5-10 seconds to improve the bonding strength.