What Kind of Sim Card We Can Use in Smart Watch/Ankle Tracker

Ankle Tracker TR40

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Ankle Tracker Sim Card Slot

Please check the PCBA below, this is using nano sim card, e-sim is smaller than that, but e-sim is not good for sample test.

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,smart watch,gps tracker,Sim Card

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ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,smart watch,gps tracker,Sim Card

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Traxbean is engaged in the design, manufacture and integration of industry solutions for smart wearable devices, Internet of vehicles and other products. After years of product design, research and development and production, we have accumulated rich experience, and have dozens of patents and intellectual property rights, is the national high-tech enterprise. Over the years, the team has successfully won the favor of many fortune 500 enterprises in the world, providing the design, development and production services of Internet of Things and smart wear for these enterprises, including China Unicom, Huawei, Vodafone, TATA Motors, Allianz insurance, etc. When communicating with customers, we often hear customers asking about SIM cards. Today, we will talk about them in detail.

What Sim card we can use in Smart Watch/Ankle tracker

A lot of people don’t understand that GPS watches can’t be used as soon as they get them. GPS devices need to add SIM cards to provide traffic, so that location data can be transmitted.

Generally, the SIM type of the locator application can be added to the Internet of Things card or mobile phone SIM card.

Some people might wonder. The GPS watch I bought needs to be used abroad. Can I use a foreign card? Traxbean is often involved in overseas sales, so we produce location-based watches that meet foreign market standards and can be applied by foreign users.

As mentioned above, the card’s role is to provide data traffic. Cards as long as there is flow function, naturally can be used in positioning watches. Users only need to log in to the corresponding location service platform to find the location data collected by the location watch on the platform. However, it should be noted that regardless of whether the GPS positioning watch application is a domestic card or a foreign card, users must recharge in time to avoid overdue payment and the watch can no longer be used leading to offline.

ankle tracker,prisoner tracker,smart watch,gps tracker,Sim card