Who Will Need To Indoor Beacon And Ankle Tracker

Ankle Tracker

Ankle tracker beacon is an excellent product we can enable the indoor tracking in the law enforcement solutions. To get more information please click the link Contact Us

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Design Of Ankle Tracker

We design a portable charger for the ankle tracker to allow the user can charge it anywhere anytime.

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GPS (Global Position System) and BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System) fulfill the requirements to locate the targets in the open air, and have been wildly used in the daily life. However, 80% of the day life we stay indoors. The satellite location systems, such as GPS or BDS, will not provide the indoor locations, because of satellite signal that will be stopped by the building, and multipath effect. But a bigger requirement of indoor location lies many of applications.

Indoor Location Service

Indoor location service will be required in many scenarios, such as airport, hotel, museum, shopping mall, convention etc.

With indoor location service, the customers could search out where the products, that they are particularly interested in, are, when they stay in a building with complex layout. With indoor location service, the customer could search out the stores or places of entertainment in a shopping mall. The store owners could promote more personal ads to the customers. With indoor navigation service, the customer could park/locate their cars in the sub-level parking. Indoor location service could also provide navigation and SOS support in museum and convention.

Elderly Care

Indoor location service could provide security support and make life easier for the elderly in nursing homes. With location tech, we could track the elderly in real time to avoid getting lost. The tracking system will be implemented to many nursing homes over several years. The system could provide real-time location, tracking, and SOS for the elderly.

Smart Building

Most of time, indoor location system will be applied to a smart building, since it is required to navigate in the building, or to share the real-time location. Secondly, we could track the visitors and control the access with the system. Many Chinese enterprises, such as Tencent and Meituan, have implemented indoor location system in their office buildings. The same will happen to more and more smart building.

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Workforce Management

It will be encouraged by strong demand to deploy indoor location system at workshops, such as the tunnel, mine and chemical plant. We are supposed to locate the workers in real-time, and provide SOS support in case of emergency. On the other hand, the visitors and their accesses could be controlled before accessing the workshops with potential risk of security.

Fire/Emergency Rescue Law Enforcement

Indoor location service plays an important part in fire/emergency rescue and law enforcement. We should immediately locate the targe position in any case of emergency, such as earthquake and fire disaster. The building construction could be changed in the emergency, and it could be more difficult for emergency workers to locate the targets than usual. In case of terrorist attacks or unexpected disasters in public places, indoor location system could help to monitor the status and provide remote support to on-site teams. Indoor location service will strongly protect the security of rescue teams and trapped people.